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Frequently Ask Question: Medical Marijuana Cards, Marijuana Doctor, Treatment & Dispensary

 1.       Q .What is Marijuana Treatment?

A.Marijuana Treatment is the use of marijuana or cannabis as an alternative to prescription medicines. Marijuana has been found to provide several health benefits, which is why it is now considered as a good alternative medicine to be prescribed to patients.


2.       Q.To what illnesses is Marijuana Treatment prescribed?

A.A lot of illnesses put marijuana treatment to good use. Some doctors prescribe it to stimulate the appetite of patients undergoing chemotherapy. It can also be used to prevent frequent vomiting and improve nausea. It is also proven effective in treating glaucoma and gastrointestinal diseases. Marijuana is also effective as a pain reliever.


3.       Q.How is Marijuana Treatment administered?

A.Marijuana comes in herb form, extract, or capsule. It can be vaporizer or smoked (herb form), eaten or drunk (extract), or swallowed (capsule).


4.       Q.What is the best way to administer Marijuana Treatment?

A.The best way is either using a vaporizer or swallowing the capsule. Smoking medical marijuana is the most risky since the carcinogenic effects of burning are present.


5.       Q.Can I legally smoke medical marijuana even without prescription?

A.No, you need prescription to legally smoke medical marijuana.


6.       Q.What do you need to have to legally purchase Medical Marijuana?

A.In California, marijuana has been approved for medical use. To purchase it, you need to present a Marijuana card to the dispensary. The Marijuana card serves as proof that you need marijuana for health reasons.


7.       Q.How can I get a Marijuana card?

A.You need to get evaluated by a licensed marijuana doctor before you can get a Marijuana card. Set an appointment with a marijuana doctor and he will be the one to provide you with the letter of recommendation to legally purchase medical marijuana.


8.       Q.What is the maximum amount of medical marijuana that I can buy and carry at one time?

A.There is no specific maximum amount allowable when buying and carrying medical marijuana. The value solely depends on the needs of the patient for this drug.


9.       Q.Can I sell medical marijuana to other people?

A.No, selling medical marijuana is illegal. It is only the legitimate dispensaries who can sell medical marijuana legally. However, if you are caregiver and your patient has a Marijuana card and is in need of this drug instantly, you can provide the product to your patient.


10.   Q.What is a marijuana dispensary?

A.This is the only legal seller of medical marijuana.


11.   Q.How can I find a marijuana dispensary?

A.Since medical marijuana is becoming widely used nowadays, you can now easily locate the dispensary nearest using a dispensary finder. There are websites that have dispensary finders.


12.   Q.What is a Marijuana Doctor?

A. Marijuana Doctor is a medical expert who prescribed marijuana treatment to patients. He is also capable of giving the patient an endorsement for a Marijuana card.


13.   Q.Where can I find the best Marijuana Doctor?

A.You can visit your local hospital and inquire about their marijuana doctors. You can widen your search and use the internet to locate the organization of the best marijuana doctors. These doctors usually have their own sites so patients can easily contact them.


14.   Q.What is a Marijuana License?

A.A marijuana license is similar to a Marijuana card which serves as a proof that the patient is given legal access to purchase and use marijuana as an alternative medicine.


15.   Q.What are the effects of using medical marijuana?

A.Medical marijuana has good and bad effects. Its good effects have something to do with the betterment of one’s health. Its predominant bad effect is that it can be addictive but with proper guidance, it can be controlled.


16.   Q.Is possessing marijuana against Federal Law?

A.Owning, buying, and using marijuana without prescription is against Federal Law.


17.   Q.What places is Medical Marijuana legal?

A.Many places consider medical marijuana as legal medicine however they are mostly located in United States.


18.   Q.How will I know is Medical Marijuana is legal in a certain place?

A.You can check their local marijuana policy.


19.   Q.Why is Medical Marijuana better that prescription meds?

A. Aside from the health benefits, medical marijuana is completely natural and more affordable than prescription meds.

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