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Movement Disorders, Medical Marijuana Doctor, Medicine Evaluation Treatment Center


Movement disorders are a group of diseases and syndromes affecting the ability to generate and have power over the physical movements of a certain person. This ailment requires a movement disorder treatment. It also occurs as a result of damaged in the base of the brain. Knowing this, the accurate movement disorder treatment should be given to patient to easily attend to their cases.

Movement disorders are also classified as neurological conditions that mainly affect speed, fluency, quality and ease movement of a patient.

What Are The Causes And Symptoms Of The Disorder?

1.       Cerebral palsy

2.       Choreoasthetosis

3.       Essential Tremor or uncontrollable shaking of a body part

4.       Psychogenic disorders

5.       Dystonia or sustained muscle contractions

6.       Myoclonus, a sudden shock-like muscle contraction that needs movement disorder treatment

7.       Marijuana doctors also found out that hypo kinetic movements are one of the many symptoms of the disorder

8.       Postural instability, freezing, rigidity

9.       Ballism and athetosis

10.   Tics, involuntary, rapid, nonrhythmic movement or sound.

11.   Akathisia or restlessness

Analysis of the Disorder

1.       To better diagnose the person having this abnormality, Marijuana doctors suggests patients to undergo a careful medical history check

2.       Thorough physical and neurological examination

3.       Brain imaging studies like CT scan and others

4.       Video recording of the abnormal movement that requires movement disorder treatment

5.       Genetic testing is also applicable for some forms of movements’ disorders

6.       Blood tests including complete blood count, a creatine kinase test and a DNA analysis

7.       Cerebrospinal fluid analysis includes a spinal tap or lumbar puncture

Disorder Solutions

Treatment for movement disorders depends on the primary cause.  Marijuana doctors advised that people suffering from this illness should come across a pressing movement disorder treatment before it gets worse.

According to Marijuana doctors, therapeutic use of cannabis sativa or marijuana has been known to western medicine as a movement disorder treatment. Because marijuana has antispasticity, analgesic, antitremor and antiataxia it is said that it can be a movement disorder treatment. Furthermore, Marijuana doctors detailed that the understanding of the medical uses of cannabis can help cure diseases that requires the use of its components.

Marijuana doctors advised that movement disorder begins with determining its cause. Physical and occupational therapy can be a movement disorder treatment because it helps regain the loss of control and strength of the patient. Marijuana doctors said that drug therapy can also aid in the abnormality.  Movement disorder treatment is the key to slow or rapidly resolve the throbbing effects of the disorder. In addition, Marijuana doctors suggested that oral medications can also help reduce overall muscle tone. More tests are being conducted by Marijuana doctors to effectively cure this kind of illness.

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